July/August 2010

July 16, 2010

And another writer was Gab_the_bomb! I can’t find my photoshop file of the credits so I couldn’t edit it. But she also was a great writer!


19 Responses to “July/August 2010”

  1. Alice2078 Says:

    Amazing as always, I know I might always say that but each issue get’s better and better! Well done! Love it!

  2. koolcryyss Says:

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT! Lily you did an amazing job as always (:

  3. Magda Says:

    Among all Stardoll-outside-Stardoll-magazines Recherche is one of my favourites.

    I really enjoyed reading this issue, but meanwhile I coulnd’t avoid noticing some quite unpleasant (for me) details. The graphics are quite well-done, but you seem to have the same problem as Dioguardi had in their Cruise Collection: too bony models.
    I am sorry, but when looking at the picture of Charlotte I couldn’t avoid thinking she looks anorectic; Melanie’s face looks like she’s starving.

    But apart from these, the issue is very good.

    • doinkerchic1 Says:

      Mmm…I beg to differ.
      Charlotte simply looks like she’s an athletic woman with a six-pack abs. 🙂 And Melanie has elegant chiseled cheek bones. 😀
      But to each his own 🙂

      • Toxxic.Angel Says:

        She dosnt have abs, they are her ribs- which is fine. I wouldnt worry Doinky XD. I have those bones showing on my torso, it dosnt mean anything i am eating fine so I dont have to worry, Im simply a bony girl- may charlotte the doll be one too.


  4. Courtney Says:

    Love the magazine, especially the page i am on. I do feel some bits remind me of the previous admire magazine but im sure as lily’s a lovely girl, that wasnt deliberate. Looking good, Sinbabee x


  5. maddy65 Says:

    Gorgeous as always Lily!It keeps getting better & better every month! 😀

  6. LiZzY1414 Says:

    Love it!! The cover was absolutley amazing! Terrific as always(:

  7. coolcute98 Says:

    Amazing! I was so inspired by the interview about modeling!

  8. missb17 Says:

    This is….wow.
    I love the realisitic-ness of it. Fierce and Eternity and Stiletto better just end their mags. Yours is amazing.

  9. poohg_1993 Says:

    It looks fantastic!

  10. Selina/fig36 Says:

    Recherche never fails to impress with beautiful graphics 😀

  11. missricopenguin Says:

    I am in love with it! You have done an amazing job!

  12. Twinkla Says:

    Fabulous!! The best issue yet!

  13. Amazing as usual! The graphics are truly stunning, nothing compares to them. You get better every issue so well done this is brilliant!

  14. Brunoaka kxcatarinaxk Says:

    We really did a Great job 😀

  15. Adreane Says:

    The graphics are a work of art. I mean… Charlottes hair looks amazing and the graphic of the girl walking down the runway in the purple dress, the legs shading is so freaking good! The graphics like ciara and maggie is amazing and so is the cover.

  16. gxjlybj Says:

    You kicked Eternity’s and Fierce’s ass.

    Amazing. :O

  17. Kiss Recherche’s ass Fierce and Eternity! 😀

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